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 Technology Resources for Teachers



Online tools that help students cite resources correctly: "Intellectual Property" teaching students to give credit to the author of original work.


Citation Machine:citationmachine.net

Citation Maker:secondary.oslis.org/resources/cm/mlacitationss

EasyBib: easybib.com



Online Collaborative Storytelling with www.storybird.com   Students can create and publish their own stories. 

Studying for a test just got easier!   http://quizlet.com/   Here is a tool that your students can use to study online. The site recommends age 13 and up for individual use.   However a teacher can create a flashcard quiz for their class as a study guide.

Transforming Teaching Through Technology- I am participating along with teachers in District 200 in a list serve that looks at technology in the classroom .   I have included some links from this group that talk about using technology in the 21st century classroom.  Technology use in the classroom can be labeled as Adaptive and Transformational.  An example of adaptive use is doing a presentation using PowerPoint instead of a poster.  An example of transformational use of technology would be creating a document using a Web 2.0 tool like Google Docs and having students collectively interact on the document.  This encourages students to use higher order thinking to compose, analyze, and edit ideas in a collaborative experience. 

Integrating Technology with Marzano's Instructional Strategies

SmartBoard Activities-

Smart Exchange - the place for ideas and activities to download for use on the  SmartBoard.

PBS KIDS - Interactive whiteboard activities by curriculum area

Eduscapes - Activities and resources for the interactive whiteboard

SmartBoard secondary level  - Activities from the Sachem school district in suburban New York.  Great resource page.

Google Resources for the Classroom

Google Maps -  Tutorial on using this resource in the classroom.  Follow link to download PDF document.

Google Forms -  This tool found in Google Docs allows you to create surveys.  Try using this tool for collecting data in your classroom.  Have your students work with the data and use the results to practice those presentation skills. 

Google SketchUp -            This is a design program that allows students to create in 3D.    If you are interested in learning more and want to use this with your students please contact  Marj Siuta.  The State of Illinois has a licensing agreement with Google. 

Web 2.0 Resources

  • Prezi.com  Another tool for creating multimedia presentations.
  • The National Archives  Share primary source documents with your students.  This site has an RSS feed called Today's  Document.
  • Use Wordle to create a word cloud for vocabulary introduction, spelling review, or just a fun way to introduce a new unit.
  • Looking for  lesson ideas to integrate technology?  Start with ThinkFinity .   Search by subject area, state standards, media type and more.
  • Need information on American history? Where can you find primary sources to bring history alive?  Struggling to find information for those country reports? Take a look at The Library of Congress!  This website has links for teachers, parents, and students.   
  • More American History http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/
  • Here is a website dedicated to explorers.  
  • Looking for statistics?  Worldometers is the place for up to the minute data on just about everything.

  • Ikeepbookmarks - Want to have access to websites from any computer?  Save them to your account on Ikeepbookmarks and use any computer to access them because they are on the internet not stored in Favorites on one computer.  Students can also access your account from a link you can share.  Lots of possibilities.
  •  Learn360 - Videos for use in your classroom is available for all teachers.  If you are not registered contact your Library Media Specialist to get started.  This subscription service gives access to a variety of