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D200 Common Essential Vocabulary - Elementary

These following files contain links to the common essential vocabulary words for each grade level.  It is expected that the students will understand the concepts and be able to use these words correctly by the end of each grade level.  The words are designed  to build background knowledge in order to create a foundation for future learning.  Please keep in mind that these are not the only words students will learn.  Students will be exposed to and expected to learn much more.  These are simply the common and essential words for each year.

Pre-Kindergarten Common Essential Vocabulary Words          3rd Grade Common Essential Vocabulary Words

Kindergarten Common Essential Vocabulary Words                 4th Grade Common Essential Vocabulary Words

1st Grade Common Essential Vocabulary Words                       5th Grade Common Essential Vocabulary Words

2nd Grade Common Essential Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary Tools and Resources- Click on the link to take you to the Robert Marzano website.  Then click on FREE RESOURCES and choose CLASSROOM TOOLS.   It will take you to a page devoted games and activities you can use to help students learn their essential vocabulary words.


High School Literacy Framework

 The High School Literacy Framework is a compliation of best practices for literacy instruction.  It is a searchable spreadsheet of strategies for teachers to enable them to integrated liteacy into their content area.  The books and materials indicated on the framework can be found in your building's library or from your division chair.

D200 High School Literacy Framework

Common Core Standards

The following are links to the new state standards for Literacy and Mathematics.  These standards were adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education in the Spring of 2010 and will be the foundations for the new state assessments to be given during the 2013-214 school year.

English/Language Arts/Literacy - Standards for grades K-12 Including literacy standards in social studies, science, history, and technical subjects 

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